IT Recruitment.

Done Differently.

Senior IT roles demand much more than technical skills. Behaviours, motivations and leadership are what set the good from the great.

Uncovering these candidates through rigorous and scientific due diligence is our secret sauce.

Throw in our deep in-house understanding of tech and our collaborative approach and you get the Indie Ridge difference.



Strategic Consulting by the hour

Perfect for executives and founders who are wrestling with strategic decisions. You’ll be amazed at what can get unlocked in an hour talking to the right person.

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Contractors for delivery engagement

Perfect for when you know the job role and scope of the problem but need some help getting the exact calibre of person in to help.

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Senior level permanent positions

Perfect for when you are looking for the all important senior hire that will be a long term game changer for your business. We excel at placing senior management, CTOs and CIOs.

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Our Secret Sauce

Take the luck out of hiring

Because who can afford to play roulette with key hires?

If you love gambling during hiring then great, we won’t judge.

But hiring the wrong candidate comes with a huge opportunity cost.

All of our candidates are put through a rigorous interview with one of our elite hourly consultants before you ever see their C.V. We catch only the best through our panel’s ability to quickly and reliably sort the A players from the B’s and C’s.

We’re the only agency with an elite consulting platform and we leverage it to get you the best contract staff.

Level the playing field

Who says corporates are the only ones who deserve blue chip recruitment help?

Fortune 500 companies have their recruiting nailed. They have their own on-site teams working day and night filtering candidates for their internal project managers but it costs a fortune.

We believe SMEs deserve the same service and we spread the cost across our whole client base.

Same quality, suddenly affordable.

Our Philosophy

The Brita filter for contracting staff

There is a vast reservoir of available candidates out there but it’s stale, murky and pretty unappetising. Trust us, we’ve swum in it for years.

So we’ve make it our mission to filter out the impurities until you’re left with only the good stuff.

Sparkling fresh candidates – guaranteed to refresh every time.

Fixing the system

From dysfunction to blissful sanity

We all know the traditional recruitment agency model is broken. Spam calls. Junk candidates. A race to the bottom. Mis-aligned incentives. The list of problems is depressingly long. 

We do things differently.

We send you a steady stream of high quality C.V.’s from high calibre candidates who have the skills to jump straight in and help grow your business. Not keyword matched C.V’s which waste your time with outdated experience or poorly matched skills.

Introducing Hourly

Break-through help by the hour

We’ve put together a carefully curated roster of consultants who are able to advise founders and execs on high value strategic problems. Our consultants are at the very top of their game and have collectively consulted with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. They can provide you with breakthrough moments and without the commitment of long term engagement.

Meet a small selection of our Hourly consultants

Mark Iveson

Sales and Strategy

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Paul Soanes

Investment & Strategy

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Stuart Hodgson


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Michelle Cowan

Sales & Growth Strategy

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Strategy and Positioning

Mark Iveson

I am an accomplished sales leader with a strong track…

Investment & Strategy

Paul Soanes

I am an entrepreneur and start-up investor. I co-founded one…


Stuart Hodgson

I am an experienced CTO | CIO | CDO |…

Contract Negotiation & Shareholder Value

Michelle Cowan

I am a consultant to numerous blue chip organisations and…