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Digital Transformation, Delivered.

Indie Ridge is a team of passionate change management experts, designers and developers working to help technology enable your team and customers.

align your team around a shared vision


Discover which parts of your business need to change and how. Using our Indie Ridge Change Management Program we will develop a six step approach which aligns the team from board room down and get a change strategy plan in place.


Helping businesses optimise their processes to enable them to work more efficiently, cost reduction, financial restructuring, improving profitability and GDPR compliance.


We use agile methodologies in everything we do – this means we learn, test and iterate which means everything is driven by customer needs.

Tech Delivery
give your customers the experience they demand


We can deliver quantum improvements to your presence on the web with beautiful design, lightning quick load times and features which keep your customers coming back for more.


Users are becoming extremely sophisticated and are demanding an amazing experience. We can help shape this user journey to deliver delight at every stage.


Turn business data into information you can leverage to deliver a better, quicker service and quickly identify where future opportunities lie. It’s like enlarging the organisational brain of your business and it pays off quickly.


Clever integrations such as email auto responders,  payment providers and automated tracking systems give your business a dynamic edge.

Sales & Marketing
strap on the rocket boosters

Out Sourced Sales Function

We help companies of all sizes across all industries, outsourcing sales strategies can be a game-changer for your sales results, as well as your bottom line. Our sales-outsourcing process as an extension of your organisation rather than a separate entity; the result is a seamless feel to everything that we develop and implement for our clients.

Social Media Management and Advertising

We’ll get your business trending with our fun and relevant social media content. We’ll schedule everything for optimal reach times, gaining you thousands of impressions and engagements, so you can focus on running your business. We’ll produce monthly analysis and reports and graphs to demonstrate the return on your investment. Using cutting-edge software, our advertising campaigns are guaranteed to maximise visibility and reach your target demographics.

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